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The DIY Process of Making Cannabis Honey from Home

CBD products have gained a lot of popularity over the past decade. Most people lived to believe cannabis was bad until science proved them wrong by stating it has excellent therapeutic value with a wide range of uses. There are thousands of cannabis product varieties and brands already stocked in the market and are hyped and costly. That made us think of turning to home-based solutions of making these products at home. This article discusses CBD oil and how to make cannabis oil from home. You only need locally available ingredients and equipment to make CBD honey. The process has been explained to the details right here, and it does not take long. Most people take pride in growing their marijuana. Marijuana honey made from home is affordable as it us free of tax and healthy because it does not contain preservatives and chemicals.

Marijuana plant is put under a process to give cannabis oil. Different species of marijuana plants give different concentrations of THC whenever the oil is extracted from it. The THC and oil ratio will be the same whenever the extract is complete. The hybrid marijuana plant has an even concentration of THC and CBD making it the most recommended variety to use. Both elements are extracted from the cannabis plant, but you can find them separately in the market. THC is responsible for people feeling high especially after smoking weed. If you want to feel calm, relieve pain and inflammation, CBD is the best remedy for that.

Alcohol is the most used extract of Cannabis oil from the cannabis plant. Do not try to use the regular drinking alcohol from your local liquor store. Buy isopropyl and mix it with the plant parts to suck the oil and dissolve it in it. To get cannabis honey, ensure you evaporate the mix to leave the honey behind. If the honey is not passed through winterization, you will get cherry oil that is less useful for the intended purpose. Winterization separates the cannabis honey from resides, fats and the green color. The end product is a dark looking gum which is the cannabis honey.

Anyone interested in making this honey, they must have the following, isopropyl alcohol, freezer, marijuana, baking pan, a jar and coffee filter. Put marijuana and isopropyl and free it for 24 hours. The next day, pour the isopropyl alcohol inside a jar with marijuana until it is covered and mix it rigorously. Pour the mixture through a coffee filter into a baking pan. Leave the mixture on the baking pan and let it evaporate. That is how easy it is to make homemade cannabis honey.

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